1. We specialize in full-mount trophies, shoulder mounts, skull mounts, rug mounts and tanning of skins of all species of big game and plains game.
    - We manufacture our own forms for the clients specific mounting instructions.
    - Please also note that the position of the mounts are always seen from the animals perspective.

  2. We can collect trophies from outfitters across South African. We ensure that trophies are received and transported safely and legally to our premises. After processing your trophies we are also able to ship your trophies anywhere in the world to your door.

  3. All crates are manufactured by us on site. We crate and pack your trophies ourselves. We take pride in our packing. Extreme care is taken throughout the packing process and crates are sealed with indicated security screws and numbers seals to ensure that the trophies are delivered in perfect condition.
    Your trophies are packed in sealed wooden crates built with 6-12mm treated plywood. All crates are well strengthened in order to prevent damage to your trophies during the shipping process.
    - All Skulls, Horns, Hooves and Bones are packed and wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection.
    - All Skins are wrapped with added dry preservatives such as Naphthalene flakes and sealed
    - High quality wood is also used and all wood complies with the International Standards for regulating wood packaging material.

  4. Trophy measurement can be done on request by the clients.
    Lucas Groenewald is a registered SCI (Safari Club International) and RW (Rowland Ward) Measurer and will be able to measure your trophies according to necessary standards.