Arrangements is made with your outfitter to collect your trophies or trophies will be delivered by your outfitter.
When your trophies arrive at our premises, they are listed on an acquisition form. This listing includes all the parts of the trophy collected.

Example : BUSHBUCK skull/horns, cape, back-skin, 4 feet.

When trophies enter our factory they are assigned a chronological number per trophy. All items is checked and tagged immediately to be easy identifiable. All the parts of that trophy are labelled with the same number. The label is stamped and engraved with the clients name as well as the allocated factory number. This will also be your reference number on all of your documents received from us. You can be rest assured that you will receive your own trophy, we do know the importance of this matter.

Trophies are checked for field damage. All trophies are recorded on our computerized data base. The client is sent a trophies received document, that shows all items received and advising him/her of the details which pertain to his trophies. We also then ask our clients for the instructions on there trophies. Would they like us to fully process the trophies for them or only send the trophies unprocessed to enable your taxidermist to create a finished product. The client is then required to confirm that his trophies received document is correct and send us his/her instructions. After receiving your instructions we will be able to send you a quotation. Confirmation and a deposit is then needed. A deposit guarantees you a position in the chronological work plan. We have an 8 to 10 months delivery period from receipt of our clients deposit. Unprocessed trophies we have a delivery period of 3 to 4 months. Freight estimates can also be supplied with the client approved quotation

All parts of the trophy are handled in the manner required by our stringent South African Veterinary Regulations. The skull and horns are boiled, skins are treated and then packed away in shelves where they are fumigated on a regular basis.  We are a recognised Veterinary approved taxidermy studio. Whilst the trophies are being mounted, all the necessary export permits are applied for from the relevant Nature Conservation Departments. Please note that South African Provincial Nature Conservation Departments charge for permits. This charge is for our client’s account.

The following documents are required to be able to apply for your export permit.

  • A fully completed and signed copy of the PH Register.
  • Permission to hunt letter from the land owner to the client/hunter.
  • Valid Exemption Permit (P3) from landowner signed by the landowner.
  • Original Cites Hunting Permit (If applicable)
  • Original TOPS Hunting Permit (If applicable)
  • Original Hunting Permit (If applicable)

It is important to make sure that we do have your correct forwarding address to enable us to apply for your export permit.

After trophies are ready for shipment your trophies will be crated on our premises. All crates are customized according to the items crated. To ensure that your crate will be cost affective and to make sure all trophies are packed safely and received without any damage. Our wood is of good quality and complies with the International Standards for regulating wood packaging material. During the crating process the client is advised and final payment is requested. Your consignment will be collected by our preferred shipping agent, Logwin air and ocean, or any other agent of your choice. We also prepare all export permits as well as export permits issued by the Authorities, before collection of your crate to be sure your crate and be shipped to your address as soon as possible.

The shipping company will be in contact with you for further shipping arrangements once they have your shipment on hand. They will also forward you the final freight details, which need to be paid into their account.